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Kunal Khatoi is a Mumbai based Indian cinematographer . He sometimes goes by his nick name DOP khatoi. He is known for groundbreaking uses of natural lighting and continuous uninterrupted shots in cinematography, and he is expert in advanced gear head cinematography which is used in Hollywood film making, often utilizing hand-held camera to orchestrate fluid, uninterrupted camera movements during particularly significant scenes.

Kunal khatoi is a member of Indian cinematography association. He is best known for TV commercial cinematographer His work has been praised by audiences and critics.

His career began in 2006 as a director of photography, learning the art of storytelling with images in the heat of the moment, always looking for that magical moment. ?

My Journey

Kunal is a cinematographer who burst onto the Bollywood, celeb commercial shoots and social media . Many international followers follow him on instagram and twitter to admire his cinematography.

He is very co-operative to his directors and producers. Every subsequent film has shown his growing mastery and ability to work in any genre.